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What do you think of when you see the word, CHURCH? People usually have either a love or hate relationship with the concept of organized religion. But what if CHURCH was something entirely different than what culture assumes?

What if church had nothing to do with a building?

What if church was just a group of people devoted to caring for others?

On a daily basis, people that you sit next to in rows of chairs at Metro Community Church are involved in serving the local community as well as projects around the world. These incredible acts of love happen in schools, homeless communities, soup kitchens, pregnancy centers, urban outreach programs, and so many more. The purpose of Metro Cares is to give these stories a home and inspire others to get involved. We want to hear the ways God is working in our community and in the lives of our people. We want to hear how you’ve been inspired to serve and connect with others. Let us know through the form below how you or your small group are caring for others in our community.

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