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For 7th-12th Grade Students!

Sunday nights at Fusion is the best night of the week because it’s when we grow closer with our friends, connect with God, and just have fun!

A typical Sunday night has both large group and small group. We kick off the night in a big room environment.

Middle School plays a dope game that you can’t help but laugh, scream, and run around. After the game, Middle School meets with their small group and their leaders to prepare for the message to follow in the big room. During the second hour, Middle School engages in a big room with a teaching that can directly apply to their stage in life. They close up the night with a huddle in their small groups to dissect what they just learned.

High School starts the night in the big room and they will engage with some songs, games, and hear practical teaching that applies directly to their typical week in the crazy world of High School. During small group, we reinforce what was communicated in large group. We provide time for every student to connect with their peers and adult leaders. This is how they experience life change, build community, and come together as followers of Jesus.

Come check it out every Sunday night:
Edwardsville: 6:00-8:00pm
Vandalia: 5:30-7:00pm

BigStuf – Edwardsville: Join us June 9 -15, 2019 in Panama City Beach, Florida for Bigstuf! For more info,  Click Here. To sign up/reserve your spot, Click Here!  EDW Balance – Click here to pay your BigStuf payment balance.

BigStuf – Vandalia: Join us July 7 – 11, 2019 in Panama City Beach, Florida for Bigstuf! For more info, Click Here. To sign up/reserve your spot, Click Here!

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