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BigStuf 2018

Our mission is to creatively communicate the refreshing Spirit of Christ, the truth of His word, and the difference living for Him can make in our lives.

All of the elements and logistics of our events are geared to that end. The people who lead Bigstuf camps are gifted people who have a history of character and integrity.
There are approximately 1500 students at each of the 9 BigStuf Camps in Panama City Beach.

At Metro Community Church we have several hopes and expectations for our students:
1. To grow closer to God.
2. To develop and strengthen friendships among our students and leaders.
3. To be energized so that they can come home with a renewed commitment to serving God and serving others.

COST – $525


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Final payments and release forms are due in by May 6th.

1. What does the $525 cover? Chartered bus trip to and from Panama City. Hotel stay at the Boardwalk Beach Resort while in Florida. Meals while at camp. T-shirt, journal, supplies etc.
2. Are there any parent/student informational meetings? Yes, — required attendance at only one ).
Sunday: April 29th – 12:15pm
Saturday: May 5th – 7:30pm
Sunday: May 6th – 12:15pm
Monday: May 7th – 6:00pm
3. How many adult leaders does Metro take? We average approximately one leader to 5-6 students. All leaders at Metro are screened with background and criminal history checks.
4. Is there a dress code? Yes, for girls: One piece modest bathing suits are required, modest clothing, etc. Guys: Modest swim trunks. All clothing requirements are explained at the parent/student meeting.
5. Who is eligible to go? All students coming out of 6th to 12th grade.
6. Will I get more info? Yes, each student registered will receive a packet in the mail containing extensive information and important dates.
7. Are there any fund raisers? Yes, we will have a community work day on March 24th where students are encouraged to raise support – through pledges for the work they do. Money raised goes towards both our student ministry and will help offset camp for the student.

Any further information can be obtained by calling the office at 692-9863.
Chris Wells
Student Ministries Pastor